Is this still a win?

My daughter managed to fall asleep around 9.30pm last night and didn’t wake until 2.25am. That is a huge improvement of how she was sleeping before and since I needed to be awake early to catch a flight for a business trip (same day travel), I didn’t follow my own rule of no feed before 3am. Fed her and she slept till just before 6am. Two long stretches! BUT she won’t go back to sleep when I fed her again and I tried the latched on method. No point trying when I need to get up at 6.30am so I unlatched her and changed her nappy.

Is this still a win with longer stretch but much earlier wake up? It worries me where she only had 8.5hrs of sleep though.


Stale progress

I have been trying to decline my daughter a feed until pass 3am so if she wakes earlier I would try to cuddle her back to sleep. Sometimes it is easy but other times it is agonising crying in the middle of the night. Last night was just that. My dughter woke at around 1am or 2am as I didn’t check the time. It took a while before she stopped crying. She would stop, laid down for few minutes and then cried for milk again. My husband and I tried to ‘talk’ to her and comfort her back to sleep. One time she stopped crying when I said she is going to wake up her grandpa. I am not sure if she really understood but hey, as long as it worked! If I groupped the clustered wake and sleep as one then my daughter woke up 3 times throughout until she is up for the day at 7am.

I just don’t know where she finds the energy from. My mil took her out for a walk in the morning and I started to get her to nap at around 1.30pm. She just wanted to play and would cried when I tried to get her to sleep. It took me a total of 1.5hrs because she is willing to be down for a nap. How can a toddler just BE so energetic despite her frequent waking at night?! Not to mention she had less than 10 hours of sleep the night before. I read some baby is born to sleep less. I guess I have one! The upside is she doesn’t get grumpy when she is awake so that makes caring for her easier. I don’t need to worry about a grumpy tired toddler. 

This is not related to sleep but my daughter is getting so adorable with repeating words. It can be a hit and miss but being a normal bias mum, she is doing great with words! I just hope she will say ‘ma’ soon instead of every person being ‘ba ba’ (dad in Cantonese).


Getting there!

Last night my daughter woke up 3 times! It is better than 6 times right? Aftet she woke up for the first time I cuddled her back to sleep. She won’t let me leave the cot and kept grabbing my neck to sleep. I fell asleep and woke up after 3am. I left the cot and she woke up not long after. This time I fed her back to sleep and then she slept till 5 something am. Latch on to sleep till 8am. This is an improvement right?? 

Let’s see how tonight goes!! I hope she keeps improving and we will all have good night sleep.


Nope, still very disrupted sleep.

Last night, still the same with frequent wake up. Managed to cuddle my daughter back to sleep for a couple of times then I got too tired to even try; feed and back to sleep you go! My aim was one feed at a time anyway. It was successful in a way that for her first night waking a cuddle could get her back to sleep. Hopefully she will get the idea of no feed and just sleep through the first night waking. 


Sleep training 23 and 24

Last night I was having difficulty putting my daughter back to cot after she woke 30mins from her sleep so I didn’t have the time and energy to type up my day.  So two nights ago, my daughter still woke up frequent but at least I was able to put her back to cot.  She slept for 42mins, 1hr, 1.5hrs, 2hrs, 3hrs and 1hr.  It seems like she was getting better lol.  Yesterday she had two naps and each was an hour long. I thought I would have a good night but my daughter got overtired by the time I got her to bed at 8.45pm, from then she woke up every hour through out the night.  At 4am, I was too tired to get her back to cot so I have got her to sleep on top of me and thought that could at least give me two hours of sleep. How wrong was I! She woke up twice in an hour so I got her to feed on feed.  That sleep went over an hour but still less than two and then it was time to get up. You can imagine how drained I would be today.

Today with her first nap,  when it was coming close to the end of her first sleep cycle my dog barked and woke her. So, first nap only 40mins. We went out around the time when she was due for her second nap and thought she can sleep while we shop. My daughter decided to fall asleep in the car and then not sleep anymore when we woke her by taking her out from her seat. We are going to a friend’s Christmas gathering tonight so I need my daughter to do a 3rd nap so we can stay out a bit. By the time we got home she was tired and it was time to feed her so I let her fell asleep while feeding. Surprisingly she slept so well in this nap that I needed to wake her at 7pm it else she would not want to sleep. She actually slept for 1.5hrs. Maybe she is enjoying the cool breeze from the newly installed air-con by her father. Well done hubby!

I was planning to wait for a friend to show up at the gathering so we can celebrate her marriage. My daughter already quiet down and ready to sleep when my husband was holding her and walking a bit. My husband suggested we should go home or else it will be another tiring night so we left. My daughter got fussy in the car. It seems like it becomes rare that she falls asleep in the car and mostly fussing when she wants to sleep. She can go on for 35mins nonstop! When we got home,  I fed her and she fell asleep.  Luckily I was able to transfer her back to cot without her waking and crying. Let’s see how she goes tonight. I really need a nice rest because I am getting cranky and upset when my daughter cries. I feel guilty so I need to recover and be there for my daughter 24/7.


Sleep training day 1

I’ve decided last night that I should get my daughter on a schedule (routine) so she knows when naps/sleep is coming. It has been a frustrating month where my daughter’s sleep was so terrible that left me like a zombie through out the days. Thinking about returning to work next year motivated me to set her sleep right and be as painless as possible for day naps. My mother-in-law will be caring for her after I return to work and I want my girl to be on a schedule by then so easier for my mother-in-law to get her to sleep. As you know, it doesn’t happen over night so I better get going.

Well, today was a failure. I wanted to start the day at 10am but my girl decided to get up at 9:24am. When I was ready to walk her for her first nap she pooped and leaked from the back. She got overtired by the time I finished changing her nappy and clothes. I thought I would have better luck with her 2nd nap, got her to sleep without issue but then she woke up 5minutes later crying and couldn’t be walked back to sleep. I let her stayed up for another hour before trying to walk her to sleep again. She refused me!!!! She cried and refused me to walk her! Luckily Richard was home already so he took over and managed to get her to sleep. I napped while she napped. She woke an hour after but I was too tired to get up so fed her while laying in bed to get her continue with her nap. 40minutes later I woke up thinking sh*t what have I done? If I got her up when she first woke up, she should be sleeping around 9pm but now after 10pm it is. To add to the training, I want to wean off the association between sleep and breasts. This might be also a reason to why she is waking up every 2 hours and needs feeding back to sleep. So tonight, I tried to massage -> feed -> read book -> walk to sleep. In the middle of reading, she pooped and leaked AGAIN! Sigh, as you probably can guessed, she got overtired after I changed her and walked her to sleep. Actually the walk wasn’t too bad but staying asleep in the problem. From the e-book I’ve purchased today, The 3-Step System To Help Your Baby Sleep by Nicole Johnson – The Sleep Site,  mentioned that an overtired baby will have problem staying asleep. I guess that’s my problem – an overtired baby. My daughter woken up 4 times  in 1.5hour. I ended up feeding her to sleep again, normally after the first rough start, she slept better after another feed but might only last 2hours or so. Tomorrow…let’s try again tomorrow. Need to be consistent and be at it for at least 7 days. One thing that’s very hard for me to achieve is to get my daughter drowsy but awake before putting to cot. She would fell asleep on me and then stirred a bit when I laid her to cot, sometimes she would wake up and started crying. Patting won’t work, she doesn’t do soft cry before escalating, she just does big cry and stares at me while crying too!! Sigh I’m not sure how is it possible to get her to sleep by herself without crying.

My aim with the sleep training is to get my girl to sleep through the night and wean off needing me to get her to sleep. I hope it can be soon, been really cranky lately due to lack of sleep. Wish me luck and I know I’m not alone.