Breakfast at St. Ali South Melbourne

Last Saturday, we went to St. Ali again for breakfast because Richard’s brother, Philip, has noticed their menu has changed. Honestly, I don’t remember what they had on menu last time we went and only remembered it was packed with people. This time we sat on the edge of a shared long rectangle table, more comfy than last time sitting around a round shared table. Just like every other cafe, we were asked if we want any coffee to start off. I’ve ordered my usual cappuccino.

Now back to their breakfast menu. The naming of their dish is quite funny. There are a few  that I wanted to try, such as Gone Fishing, Friends With Benefits and Chris-P. I’ve settled myself with the Chris-P.

St. Ali Chris-P

It tastes quite nice although the skin of the pork belly would be nicer if it’s more crunchy. The pork belly is tender and not dry. One other thing I can pick on is too much creamed corn. It tastes nice but too much.

Richard has ordered the Omega Love Mark 2. Oh, we ordered the Breaking bread too which you can see in the top right corner of the photo below.

St. Ali Omega Love Mark 2