6 weeks without my mummy (and my brother)

    When the plan lift off at 7:20am 2molo morning, my home will be mummy-free and brother-free for 6 weeks. Why? Because they are going back to Guangzhou. Lucky them!!!! I so want to be on the plan with them, but obviously I can’t. This last year of uni is getting on to me. I’ve got really really really smart ppl around me, getting top marks and know everything. While me is just a very ordinary student getting average mark and have no clue on what I’m doing. With this 6 weeks, I need to take care of myself. Sis and dad will be working from morning to evening. No one have time to cook. My sis normally get home around 7ish and if she start cooking then, we won’t have our dinner until 8ish close to 9. Dad knows how to cook but he will get too tired after work and he also need to take care of the garden as well. As for me, haha, I don’t know how to cook and I don’t have a fix time to go home from uni. Half of the week I finish late. So, conclusion is we’ll buy takeaway…muwahaha…weekend…sis can cook…but I’ll be going to work on saturday, so it’s fine with me. Hm…I miss my mummy already…but anyway…safe flight mum and bro….have a fun time and buy me lots of stuff….


    今年,440的隊員增加到13人。差不多一大半的人都已經在工作/有工作經驗,但我什麽都沒有!!! 我覺得,我的隊員很厲害,好像什麽都會什麽都懂一樣。我開始覺得渺小了,其實我一點都不會起眼,但你要我做的我一定會做好給你。 希望,今年也可以想上年一樣,這麽開心!!!!!!