Slowly shaping up?

2 weeks to go till my sister’s wedding. We went to buy another bridesmaid dress since for some reason the previous can’t be wear. This one is dolly type so I don’t need to worry about my tummy anymore. Ha! You think that will stop me from continuing my work out? I’ve been following the aerobic exercise from Jung DaYeon (鄭多燕) . She is Korean but famous throughout Asian because she was able to shape up her body in 3 months and she doesn’t look like a 40+ years old, mother of 2 children.

You can find a lot of YouTube clips of her exercise. The one I’m following is only 15mins, good duration for someone like me that’s all tired after work. I think I’m shaping up a little. My tummy is flatter than before but not seeing much difference on my arms and legs though. My friend did comment my face look skinnier =D. I’m going to continue with the exercise and to eat better. I’m craving for ice-cream though so I might treat myself to a mini drumstick later =).

Good luck and don’t give up to all those girls that want to shape up like me!


One and a half month to go

Reality hits when my bridesmaid dress has arrived. My sister’s wedding is one and a half month away. For the week just passed, I’ve been trying to be more healthy; no more of my favorite fast food, no junk food, no soft drinks, no alcohol and plenty more exercises. It’s pretty stupid how you always crave for what you can’t have. It’s affecting my mood because of needing to have self control. I don’t feel the balance. My friend has taught me to have balance in life and it takes time to find the right balance. Am I seeing it in a negative way by saying I only have one and a half month to go? Or should I say I still have one and a half month to go? Anyway, that’s not the point.

I’m going to try different methods to help me lose some fat. I’m going to continue to do exercises and eat more healthily but also try to sleep early as well. My aim is to have 7 hours of sleep per day if not 8. Let’s see how long I can keep up with this and hope the result would be positive. Ok ok…I better start today so time to sleep!


Simple “Kind to Skin”

Two weeks ago I’ve received Simple Skincare samples from Contagious Network, all under the Kind to Skin range. During these two weeks, I’ve used the hydrating light moisturiser in the morning and the refreshing washing face gel at night. They have been very kind to my skin. With other facial cleansing products I’ve used before, they made my face dry and tense after wash but not with Simple’s washing face gel. I chose to use the moisturiser in day time because I like something richer for night. When first apply on the moisturiser it does feel a bit sticky but fast to absorb and does feel light on skin as some day creams do feel a bit “heavy”. The only downfall is it doesn’t have sun protection. I get tan really easily so it would be cool if the moisturiser includes SPF. Oh I forgot to mention, all the products have no perfume and colour hence no yucky chemical that can upset your skin.

I also got the eye make-up remover as part of the sample pack. I normally don’t put on make-up but to give this a go I specially applied on mascara. It’s gentle and removed my mascara nicely.

Overall, I really enjoy using the Simple Skincare products. They have a life coach page on Facebook. They post out tips and advices everyday. I enjoy reading them. Sometimes, the advice is so simple but we overlooked them with our busy life schedule. We just need a little push at the back to realise things can be that simple =).