A night out

    Tonite I went out to drink with a few of my Uni friends. I kinda pressured Eleanor to come with me, ok, not kinda I did pressured her. I feel bad now, but I hope you had a fun time with us. I sure enjoy it tonight, its not like what I had imagine with slightly better. I tried out two drinks tonight, pineapple malibu and illusion. Both were recommended by Jacinta and both tasted pretty nice. Once for a while, I can just relax and not think about work (uni or work work). Conversations with friends were just too good. Thank you Lewis for inviting (pressuring) me to go, it is an experience to have. I like this group activity thing, it really help the team to bond. Especially we have such a nice team, let’s not waste it. For those who have facebook, I’ll upload pictures to there soon. But not tonight, I am tired and got work to do. Yeah, back to my 440. How fun???
    Eleanor: Sorry to force you to come, but hope you had fun.
    Jacintat: Thanks for introducing me to these awesome drinks, they are all very nice.
    Lewis: Thanks for inviting (pressuring) me to go, it is very enjoyable and you’ve been nice too. But try some non-girly drinks next time…ahhhaha
    Rohan: You too, you had too much beer. Try other "drinks"….hehehe…and had more "flame"..haha

Adding extra lines into my resume

    Before I get into the main content of this blog, I have to complain that msn space is operating really slow. I want to change the layout before and it took like a half a minute to load it up and took another half minute for me to be able to move things around. I think I’ll get back to Xanga soon. Tht loading time is just not on for me!!!!!
    Back to my post, today I had another "interview" with the GM of the company. I thought it would be another real formal interview but ended up just chit chatting about "me". I will be start working next week if I haven’t heard it wrong!!!!!! As in that I am really hired??!!! I’m feeling so insecure about this I don’t know why. Maybe this is the first proper job I’ve got?? Any how, I’m sleepy yet I need to study for pbl. Aiiii….quiz 2molo and I heard from Novi that it is different from the time she did it. She said that when she did it, its all from the workbook. But I know we are different since I was told that there will be 10 questions based on the workbook and 30 questions based on the general knowledge from the Act and a case study given. Sigh sigh sigh…I hope I can do well..or at least pass the quiz…it will be embarrassing if I can’t…since everyone said this subject is easy….. just praying to god that I can get through this……God will be by my side  

Time flies…and I’m stress….again

    By the end of this week, 3rd weeks of uni will be passed. I’m feeling ever so sleepy and tired at home where I should be studying or doing my work. I know I need to study, since this Friday I’ll have my first quiz in pbl. There are just so much to read and memorised!! I don’t know if I can handle it though. I heard my friends said usually the 1st one will get a pretty low average, since ppl don’t know how to study for it. But it will also be he eaisest one, so if I can’t do good in this one. I am pretty much useless in the others…..sigh……just feeling so lost right now….up and down I go…..I’m hopeles…ok lah ok lah..back to study I go..or else I’ll get a zero for it…..