Good old neopet…

    I saw my sister played Neopet tonight and I suddenly felt sorry for my two abandon pets. So, I felt the need to take care of them again. The interface, the layout is all different now. Same old thing but improved!! Remeber back 2 years ago, neopet’s mini-games were to keep me up at those late night studying before exam. The fact that the game is mini, so doesn’t really take up much time to finish a game. It excersie my brain and it kept me awake =)…playing it again now make me feel comfortable…hehe….so…tonite’s late night..I’ll have neopet by my site…hehe


    現在,Email 在我生命中是不可缺小的。
因爲大學的關係,Email 成爲隊員間的通信
去check 有沒有新郵件。人生這樣也挺可悲,
凳之間的距離吧。雖然說我旁就有個 window
子會比這更好還是更悲呢? 我們拭目以待吧!!!


    早上7點多啦,不是我早起而是我沒有睡。 因爲有個 document 要早上前寄給隊員,所以就拼命的給它做了。今天,還有太多太多的要做啦。我還可以嗎? 我覺得很累很累,思想也模糊了。特然間我覺得好害怕,好不安。爲何呢? 其實我覺得自己很失敗,什麽也做不了,什麽也做不好。我還沒找工呢,是因爲自己不緊嗎? 也不是啊,我也怕沒工做。我真的怕,爲何又不做點事情呢? 好辛苦啊,我想去玩啊!!! 好累啊,不能睡,甚辦?

Finally break…

    Finally!!! A week’s break, after several weeks on coding for different assignments, I’m about to write this entry in coding style . Seriously, this week of break is use for catching up. So much so so much so so so much to catch up on, luckily going out with friends on Monday and Tuesday. That’s the time when I can truely relax!!! So many ppl including myself have fallen sick recently, not a good month I suppose…haha

To study or not to study…

    That’s the question I’ve asked myself so many times today. That made it become an unproductive day, well not totally unproductive, just a little bit. 2molo I’ve got this graphic mid-sem test which worth nothing. So, make no different if I get 0 or 100. The thing is I won’t feel good if I end up with a 0 which I’m pretty sure I will. On the other hand, I need to finish off my 380 project that is due on wednesday. Sigh, life is full of choices and dead ends. I don’t know what to choose, I guess, I’ll study, but just for a little while, then concentrate on my project. Hope I won’t end up getting a 0 after I study for a bit, at least let me answer 1 question…haha…so it won’t look so ugly.