Extra piece of Original Recipe

KFC gave me an original recip eto compensate for one wicked wing, because they only had 2 and is not enough for a pack. Since they don’t charge us extra so I happily accepted the change. They gave me two instead of one . LUCKY!!


Transition from part-time to full-time…

After 2 years of working part-time at my current work place and considering I’ve just finished my last sem of Master, it is time to find a full time. My friend was very kind to help me talk to my general manager and if I take over Juny’s work (since she will be leaving for further study at feb) then I have an opportunity to work full time. The condition is this now, I’ll be under observation for a month and if everything goes well, I’ll transit to full-time. No more taking a day off because I want to spend more time with my bf XD The problem now is, I don’t know how to talk to my manager for a holiday since I want to go back for my cousin’s wedding and chinese new year. How should I approach him?Suddenly, I feel things are just different now. I’ve move on from level to another. Not sure if I’m liking it but hopefully I’ll enjoy it along the way.