A week has passed…

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. My trip so was has been fun but really tiring. It’s more tiring than having to go to work each day. Today, I woke up at 7:30am so can have yum cha and lunch with relatives. This time it’s from my dad’s side. Later on, I’ll go out again to shop. I will go and buy the white boots I have my eyes on. I remembered it’s less than $50CNY. Everything is so cheap when compare to Autralia, at times, we can even negotiate the price also. I am not good at that but my cousin is. hahaha….oh well, I shall post up some photos later on. Stay tune!!

Safely in GuangZhou

Finally I can actually sit down and type a blog post to talk about my travel back experience. VIVA Macau, I guess it’s what I pay for BUT the serives were well done. The flight did not set off as promised (10:15am) but still managed to arrive on time to Macau (05:05pm). It was a very long and tiring flight. Anyway, my bus trip back to GuangZhou from Macau was also tiring as well. As long as I arrived safely, I have no complain!!!!
Yesterday was the wedding which was the main reason to why I decided to come back. After seeing what happened yesterday, as their tradition on ‘picking’ up the bride, I’ll not want a traditional chinese wedding. I might have a fusion wedding, half English and half Chinese. That might work better for everyone, espeically me…hahahahaha The dinner was great as well, but I’m allergic to some food that I ate and am suspecting it’s the prawns that I ate. Oh well, it will be better soon.
Oki, I think I’ll stop here now since I’m getting hungry. I am in search of fooddddddd~~~~~~

The night before my trip….

The consequent of having a huge family is that you’ll need to carry a lot of stuff when traveling back for a visit, especially around Chinese New Year and which you haven’t been back for a couple of years or more. Together with checked in baggage and hand carry, I’ve got 22kg of allowance. For those who travel back more often would know that this isn’t much. Out of the 22kg, only around 7kg is mine. NOT TO MENTION, we took 4kg allowance off my bf already. My mum alone can bring 37kg, so you can do the Math. Packing isn’t meant to be stressful! I just wish everything would run smoothly and I’ll be sitting on the plane by 10am.

Good bye people and I will update as often as I could.


Free Hoyts Movie Ticket on your Birthday (Before July 2010)

Hoyts is giving out free movie tickets for those that has a birthday
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Offer valid until 31/7/2010
(For people whose birthday after July 2010, sorry u miss out… but you can pass this along!).
Just register on the above website to print out your voucher & bring your ID to claim the tix at the counter.

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2010’s first blog post…

I realised I haven’t blog for a while so here I am. I am going to do my new year resolution now, it’s better late than never (according to Ijun).

For 2010, I will:

  • Rearrange my room to be more space efficient and clean
  • Be more positive thinking and flexible to the possibility that things will not turn out according to plan
  • Go to Sydney
  • Create a desktop application for something I don’t know yet (could be personal use)
  • Blog more
  • Smile more
  • Join Yoga
  • Take my dog out for more walks
  • Be more caring and sensitive to others
  • Go out with friends more to have fun

That’s all I could thinking of for now. The next post might be a review on a mask that I’ve bought during special. I don’t know yet since I still couldn’t click with English for now.