Sleep training day 31

Last night wasn’t too bad after the short stretch at the start. My daughter had a 3hrs and 2.5hrs stretch. She woke up around the same time as yesterday so I know when to start walking her. Although time varied a little because I let her stayed up a bit longer before walking her for her 1sf nap. It only took 10mins and she slept for an hour. With her second nap, we went out to lunch so we headed back home for a nappy change before walking her. It was a longer stretch than yesterday again and it took around 20mins to walk her. She slept for 41mins. We need to add in a 3rd nap or else too much stretching. It only took 6mins to actually walked her to sleep but needed 15mins to be sure she was asleep and be put down to cot. 3rd nap lasted for 30mins. The duration isn’t too bad today and worked out fine because we headed to a friend’s for new year party. I stretched her wake up a bit before heading home to start her night. Tonight after feeding her I was too lazy to get up so I climbed into the cot to put her down. It is a success on first go but fingers crossed she sleeps OK.

2015 is almost over. This year is certainly  full of joy and excitement! I have became a wife and a mother. Last year this time I was drinking at a friend’s party waiting to count down. This year I sit silently in bed in the dark waiting for midnight to strike with my little one (hopefully)  sleeping next to me in cot. I am sure 2016 will be another awesome year with a lot of laughter and love.

EDIT: what am I saying? I was pregnant this time last year! I wasn’t drinking at all!


Breakfast at St. Ali South Melbourne

Last Saturday, we went to St. Ali again for breakfast because Richard’s brother, Philip, has noticed their menu┬áhas changed. Honestly, I don’t remember what they had on menu last time we went and only remembered it was packed with people. This time we sat on the edge of a shared long rectangle table, more comfy than last time sitting around a round shared table. Just like every other cafe, we were asked if we want any coffee to start off. I’ve ordered my usual cappuccino.

Now back to their breakfast menu. The naming of their dish is quite funny. There are a few ┬áthat I wanted to try, such as Gone Fishing, Friends With Benefits and Chris-P. I’ve settled myself with the Chris-P.

St. Ali Chris-P

It tastes quite nice although the skin of the pork belly would be nicer if it’s more crunchy. The pork belly is tender and not dry. One other thing I can pick on is too much creamed corn. It tastes nice but too much.

Richard has ordered the Omega Love Mark 2. Oh, we ordered the Breaking bread too which you can see in the top right corner of the photo below.

St. Ali Omega Love Mark 2


Starting the day with breakfast…

Recently there is less of sleeping in on weekends but is still the two days I look forward to each week. To be fair not that many people would look forward to a work day unless it is pay day. Anyway, Richard and I started to go to cafes for breakfast. Although it is not a mission to try as many cafes as we can but we have tried a few over the last couple of months. I have some pretty funny experiences too – a ghost with boobs drawn on my cappuccino and drinking a ‘bucket’ of coffee that is as large as my head. As for last Saturday and today, Richard’s brother brought us to two different cafes in South Melbourne. Apparently very famous as both shops were packed with people plus more queuing in a line out side. The two places is called St. Ali and Cherz Dre respectively; walkable distance between the two. I ordered the breakfast special today and it came with thick delicious salmon. We also ordered the baguette with raspberry jam to share. I am not a jam person but I have to say I considered of buying a jar to bring home if they sell them. My mouth just watered thinking about the food.

It makes me happy being able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and breakfast with Richard in the morning. During weekday I hardly have breakfast and coffee would get cold while I pushed it aside to work on tasks (although I could reheat it in the microwave). Anyway I better head to shower and sleep, need to wake up early for breakfast again. I think we will be going to the cafe near home, Graceland Cafe, who decorates my coffee with boobies. Maybe I should a blog post about it tomorrow. Hm…thinking of doing random posts on food and drink…hahaha.

Hmmm. So I realised my blog post was saved to draft instead of publish.


Bacon and mushroom fusilli with Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce

I recieved my 6 bottles of Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauces from Contagious Network a couple of weeks ago, 6 full bottles wrapped together in a box.

Looking through the glass jar, you can see it’s different from other pasta sauces sell in the supermarket. Bertolli is less watery and richer looking. Since then, I have been itching to cook something with it.

Pasta is the first thought that came to mind and I thought to myself, why not cook it to bring as lunch to work? On Sunday, I dragged my bf to the supermarket with me to search for ingredients. He suggested to be less meaty so I’ve only got bacon and I can’t cook my pasta without mushroom! In my mind, it would be a simple but a delicious meal.

Yesterday night, I got out my ingredients and started my little pasta project. I have choosen the ‘Grilled Vegatables’ pasta sauce and to my surprise, it does contain diced up vegatables. By the way, I didn’t use all the bacon as shown in the photo.

Basically, I diced up the bacon and washed the mushroom. Separately, I cooked the mushroom first with a pinch of salt then fried the diced bacon till cripsy. On the other hand, boiled the fusilli pasta for 11 minutes as instructed on the back of the package. When those are done, I poured the Bertollie Premium Pasta Sauce to a pot and slowly stir till warm. Mum wanted to try so I put it on a small bowl for her.

LOL…It doesn’t look too Italian when using a China bowl but doesn’t look too bad either. She said she just wanted to have a taste (as in a bite or two) but she ended up finishing the whole bowl. Ok Ok…the bowl is not huge but that proves she liked it. For the rest, I poured them into two containers. One for me and the other for my boyfriend. Again, it doesn’t look too impressive with plastic boxes but only the taste matters right?

Today, I couldn’t wait to try out my pasta. Colleagues went out to buy lunch and I walke to the kitchen to microwave my pasta. 2 minutes later, as I opened the microwave door, I could smell the pasta sauce and that increased my hunger. I sat down on the kitchen sofa and colleagues are back with their lunch. One of them asked what I’ve got there and I proudly show him my pasta!! My pasta was not bad despite the look. I loved the sauce!! The not overly sour tomato tastes opened up my appetites. I finished my lunch in less than 25 mins including the time took to walk to the kitchen and microwaving it. I wanted more but sadly, that’s all I’ve got.

Now, thinking about what to cook next. Maybe use it to make pizza?