The Hunger Games

I’ve watched The Hunger Games with Richard and his brother last Friday. I don’t know why I left the cinema with a mixture of feelings and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It kinda bug me. It’s not that I loved the movie as some scenes sadden me; just couldn’t quite put a finger on what cause my weird feelings. Maybe I’m wondering what’s going to happen between Katniss and Peeta, Katniss and Gale and all the whole of District 12. All these drew me to the book as I could read on and find out about the ultimate ending. Also, I want to read the original version of The Hunger Games. I’ve just started reading the book and some parts are different already. I think I favour the book more and Katniss wasn’t as social awkward as the movie illustrated to be.

The movie isn’t bad really but for those who had watched Battle Royale would critise it’s a tone down version of it – bringing teenagers together to kill each other. Yes, I’ve watched Battle Royale many years ago and remembered it was all bloody and violent. Anyhow, a little about the story is that Katniss volunteered to be the girl tribute of District 12 to protect her chosen younger sister Primrose while Peeta was the chosen boy tribute to enter the 74th annual Hunger Game. The Capitol, where the game is going to be held, see this as a festive event. The game will be¬†broadcast¬†on television and those who enters the Hunger Game will need to keep their head and neck attached so to speak to win. And of course a movie will rarely go without some romance.

Time to get back to my novel reading…..=)