Own room…

    After years of hoping…I finally got what I want. I can have my own room, cleaning up and packing stuff from study room into my room. Sis going to have the study room as I chose to stay in the room I in. But why ain’t I feeling slightly of happyiness, I feel so empty. Coz "you" are not here to share my joy, turn out to be meaningless and be just something that happen. I need to move this desk and computer into the room soon, don’t know will the cable line in my room work or not. We’ll soon find out hey? Unhappy I will be and I’ll not stay strong, since I’m not strong since the start. Back to packing I go…..
    Sigh…no more moving…since my sis won’t move….I can’t do anything about it……feel a bit piss off……then why the heck did I start moving today for? Feel so wasted again…no bed to sleep tonite….sigh….living room…here I come….


Happy Birthday my pal, Arthur~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thx for being there for me all the time Arthur, you are a great time. I wish you a Happy Birthday and all the best to come. Hope you like the present as well~~~kekekeke…Tonite was fun, well, ok fun, coz that place really did piss me off some how…anyway~~ should be happy…coz its your birthday~~ enjoy….go wild….be happy Arthur…I really hope you can be happy~ Stay cheer alrite? And take care of urself..hope you can find a place in BH….so I can come and visit you sometimes….oh…hahaha..maybe next time you can teach me how to play Dota too….or even CS…….but I’m a bit uncoordinate in a way….so you might need some more time~~ kakakaka….nice pal…my nice nice pal…..take care….


    Today I finally get to do what I wanted for years!!!!!!! I went to the beach today, and it was like bravo~~!!!!! Although was plan to go with some other friends too, but scared it will rain so called it off yesterday, but then its sunny today, so decided to go again but just with Toreay, Katy and Michael. We went to Williamstown Beach, Katy went by train and as forthe rest of us. We met up in BH to have lunch (had Maccas), then drove there. Took us around an hour or so to get there, the sand was a bit rough but is still ok. Michael bought a soccer ball to play, but I wanna go for a swim, tested the water temp and I thought it was alrite, but they thought is a bit cool. Kekekek…well…I’m weird alrite. It was really nice in the water….tried out to swim abit and the wave just made me flow forward without any effort kekeke but yeah, had a little bit of swim and tried to teach BB to swim too, it was funny. Play a bit of water fight with Michael, and went to sit in the water a bit with Katy and Toreay. Then went up to take some photo (going to upload here after they sent them to me ). Then played a bit of beach soccer or beach volley ball I’m not sure, coz we were just trucking the ball around at first, hahahahah it was so funny, Katy got so scared of the ball, or should I say they Michael and BB just gang up on her. Then Michael went to sent two side goal and have a gal vs guy soccer match. Its so unfair, coz we can’t even get one goal in, they were too good. But I got cut on my foot from the small rock or something, hurt a bit, but still alrite. That’s how we finish our beach adventure, Michael not going to have dinner with us. So he just showed us the way back to city (one thing to mention, the way Michael drive is so "long sei"). So, four of us went to Melb. Central to see is there any good movie on. But no~~so just walked around in Myer, bought a top for BB (as a christmas present since he won’t accept it in any other way). He said he love it…kekekekeke…..I was soooooooooooooooooo happy!!! Then went to Lygon to have dinner, the Italian place next to Papa Gino. We shared, had two pasta and a small Tropical pizza. It was really nice, finished them all (I like the pineapple ). After dinner, walked around Lygo and BB put on the top I bought him (so sweet of him), then went to Boarder to look at some books. The environment in the book shop just love it, Toreay bought a book "Universe" (full of picturers of the universe), and it was on the Bargen sale too. At 10, we walked back to "Gelatissimo" to have Gelati. I had mango favour, Toreay had Strawberry + Mango, Katy didn’t have any coz she said that she is already cold enough. So after that, drove Katy home and we were on our way home. Drove Toreay home first, afterward drove me home. But stop the car on the side street for a bit. Kekeke~ but didn’t stay for long, gum he drove me home. That’s my day and I’m loving every second of it!!! Thx guys + gals for giving me such a great day, special thx to BB for driving me there~~ Thx BB, I love you ah !!! Best day ever~!!! Well, its actually one of my best day so far~ kekek..lets keep it coming!!!


愛 , 是 怎 麼 一 回 事 ?

◎ 愛 , 加 上 逗 點 是 行 為 的 潤 滑 劑 , 愛 是 與 生 俱 來
本 質 , 也 是 要 去 複 習 去 行 深 !

◎ 愛 人 是 天 使 , 天 使 可 以 成 為 勇 者 , 因 為 勇 氣 可
以 包 容 , 焊 接 那 不 同 的 言 行 和 思 想 ; 成 為 仁 者 ,
因 為 慈 悲 可 以 溶 化 彼 此 的 錯 誤 和 恐 懼 ; 更 成 為 憚
怴 有 智 慧 的 人 可 以 輕 易 的 付 出 溫 柔 兼 愛 , 真 正 了
解 愛 是 什 麼 !

◎ 用 赤 子 之 心 面 對 愛 時 , 可 以 讓 自 己 心 智 不 斷 的
成 長 , 幸 福 來 自 於 自 求 身 心 的 成 長 和 發 展 , 以 期
達 到 全 能 的 開 發 和 運 用 ; 愛 讓 人 變 得 活 潑 有 希 望
, 也 引 導 自 己 找 回 自 己 , 讓 自 己 不 要 變 成 別 人 所
期 待 或 想 像 的 過 程 !

◎ 愛 的 反 面 不 是 恨 而 是 冷 漠 , 當 愛 無 法 超 越 時 就
會 變 質 , 就 會 要 求 對 方 , 會 有 另 一 種 聲 音 出 現 :
如 果 有 人 恨 我 , 他 對 我 還 是 有 感 覺 的 , 還 是 可 以
爭 長 論 短 的 交 談 ; 如 果 他 連 看 自 己 也 不 看 , 漠 然
無 視 自 己 的 存 在 , 這 之 間 完 結 也 別 談 了 ! 然 而 ,
真 正 有 如 此 超 然 的 愛 , 是 天 荒 夜 譚 !

◎ 死 亡 或 失 去 , 使 人 更 領 悟 愛 、 珍 惜 愛 ! 無 欲 而
安 , 愛 因 為 您 要 愛 , 不 是 因 為 您 必 須 去 愛 ; 所 以
說 「 我 愛 您 」 , 愛 而 無 礙 , 正 經 寬 平 又 自 然 喔 !


A Great dinner~

    I went out to Camberwell for dinner tonite, with my friends from high school mainly. Thx Ken for picking me up up~~ I had a really nice dinner at Sofia. Its a really nice place too, though it is quite busy as well. Not surprise, the food there was quite nice too. Every one was so full, especially Ken. Go KEN!!!! Saw Vivian and her sister Cindy as well, though I didn’t really get to know them both, but I still felt they are really nice people. Like can be get mix in a group easily those type….I admire those ppl, I really do….Coz I myself not a really "groupy" person…but I still glad that I have good friends!!!!!!!!! Maybe if I go out more, I’ll get to know them better~~ kekekekeke…Well, wish Andy and Vivian all the best for their Monday exam!!!!! Good Luck and Add oil~~ you both can do it!!!!!!!! What happen last was so unbelievable and so unerasable~~ KAKAKAKAKAK…it was so funny~~ nice doggy . Dinner was so full, so walked around a bit to lose some weight~~ heheheh……I had a really nice time out…thx guy~~ let’s plan to do something later kk? For now~ Andy and Vivian~ concentrate on your exams lah…..u can do it…both of you~~ C u guys soon~~


    I’m kinda getting upset atm, to think about it, I hate my exam time table so much. I’ll rather got more time to study then finish early. During swap vac, I still 2 subjects coz I’ve got two exams in one week. Turn out that they both got more reading than I expect and they require more knowledge of understanding. I did so bad in them, seriously I did so bad, don’t know if I can pass or not. Then the rest leaving me of a two day to study for them, which both have to start from the beginning. I read and I study, trying to understand as much as I could, going through the sample exam they given. I thought I was prepare, since going through the Sample exam was not hard at all, but turn out I was wrong. I was really really really wrong. By that, again passing is like a far distance ahead *sob sob sob*. The last one was ok, at least I think I did ok. Although might not get like high, but still MIGHT be able to pass. I’m really worry and I’m really scared!!!! I don’t want to fail any of my subjects, seriously I don’t. Its the end of 2nd year already, I wanna just pass it and move on to the third. I just wish I can pass~~ I don’t ask for much, I just want to pass. A ‘P’ will make me very happy too~~~~~sigh…let’s hope I can pass, let’s pray I can pass. I’m just so upset now….ppl, I wish you all good luck with ur exams~~!!!!!!!!!

Its OVER…..

    Hahahah~~ Slept till 1 today, feel so good, feel so good!!!! Its been like what? 2 months that I didn’t have a good night sleep. Damn it!! Since Uni start this term, all those assignments and projects have been waiting for me, one to handi n per week. So bloody awful, always slept at 3 or 4 am. That kill!! And when exam start, always stay up till 5 or 6 am to study. I’m not kidding~~~ EVERY DAY WAS LIKE THAT!!!!!! Every day stay up to study and woke up at 10 or 11am to study again. How crazy was that? But now~ its finally over…over and done with. I can sleep earli and wake up late again….kakakakakakaa~~ although I’m not confident that I’ll pass any of my exams, but what can I do now? I guess, I’ll just stress worrying about that…..SIGH……I don’t understand why, I study, although some time slack off to have a break…but I can still did so bad in exams. Just so unbelieveable lor~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh Sigh SIgh~~ Oh well~ Wish every one for their remining exams!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK~!!!!!!!!!!! And Add oil!!!!!