Sleep training day 13

Last night was a nightmare. My daughter slept for 3hrs 24mins for the first stretch, then 14mins where I walked her back to sleep which she slept for 1h 40mins. I made the mistake of trying to walk her back to sleep instead of feeding. She fell asleep no problem but woke up each time I tried to lay her back in cot. After the 4th try she thought it’s up time and won’t sleep anymore. I tried feeding after but still woke up when I try to get her to cot. At the end she stayed up for almost 2hrs where I fed her laying down. It’s my ultimate weapon but I don’t want to use it all the time. We started our day around 9:30am still.

With naps she did good today. 1st nap for an hour then 2nd nap for 2 hours. Trying to break the vicious cycle of late night, I decided to keep her up for longer after 2nd nap and skip 3rd nap. Nope, wrong move again to stay her night around 8:30pm. That’s already too late and she has been up for 2hrs 20mins at that point. When I fed her, she wanted to sleep already and got cranky when I unlatched and tried to grab the book to read to her. My daughter was already crying at this point and walking will be painful with her high pitch cry. Lacking sleep the whole day I decided to just feed her back to sleep. Overtired baby means not going to sleep well and yup she woke 20mins after. She was clingy and won’t let me put her back to cot so again I fed her back to sleep. Sigh. I am not seeing any improvement in this and I do want to start her night earlier since reading online suggested late night can contribute to frequent night wakings.

I think it’s time to revisit my plan. The 3hrs wake time before bed is too long of a stretch. I will shorten it to 2hrs 45mins and see if it’s better. Also, I’ll take a slower approach to wean her off feeding to sleep. I read from a site that can try to keep her up between feed and sleep for like 30seconds at the start and extend to 10mins. Also, I’m not really sure how to feed her to drowsy and move to bed being awake. This requires testing. If that’s the approach I’m heading then I’ll stop reading to her. Sigh. Finding the right routine that works is hard, especially needing to work around sleep association. I’ll have a think about it tomorrow instead. I’m going to bed. Tonight although not ideal but my daughter slept around 9pm. Hope she has a better sleep since a dark circle is forming under her eyes. Poor baby.

Good night!


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